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Aug 12 08:20 am
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How do I find the Best Car Insurance for College Students?

You don't have to remind Florida families how expensive it is to add a young driver to their auto policy. It's in the front of their minds every time they write the check to the insurance company. Is there anything I can do to lower the price of car insurance for my teen drivers? If your child is going away to college, there is and we're going to tell how to do it.

Many of Florida's colleges are located in beautiful towns across the state. One of the reasons for this beauty is that these towns are usually less congested than the Miami-Ft Lauderdale-Palm Beach and Tampa areas. Lower congestion means less cars on the road and less traffic on these roads. Both of these factors translate into fewer accidents meaning lower insurance rates for these localities.

Use the College Student's Zip Code as their Garaging Address!

If your college student is residing in one of these smaller towns across the state, you may be able to use the zip code where he or she lives to substantially lower your insurance premium. A Florida family can save as much as 50% on their child's car insurance if the student's car is garaged at Florida State University in Tallahassee instead of where they live at home in Miami. Similar savings can be had at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Stetson University in Deland, the University of Central Florida in Orlando as well as many others.

What if your College Student doesn't bring a Car with them to School? Can you still find the Best Car Insurance?

Yes, there's another way to save. Because your student does not have access to drive your cars, you can do one of the following:

  1. If the college is located more than 100 miles from your residence, you can endorse the policy for “Child away at school". In this case, the company will not rate your college student on your policy until they come back home - this can result in big savings for a college family.
  2. If your student is less than 100 miles away, but has no access to your car, you can still save. You would need to exclude them from your coverage while they're away at school and add them back to the policy when they come home. This is a riskier strategy as you need to remember to contact your agent or your company to “include" them when they come home.

Don't forget those Good Student Discounts!

Most of the best car insurance companies will give discounts if a student maintains a 3.0 cumulative GPA or better. You'll need to furnish a student transcript or an acknowledgement from a guidance counselor on school letterhead in order to get these savings. It's also a nice incentive for the student to keep their grades up.

To get the best car insurance for college students, you'll need the help of an agent. At Cronin Insurance, we have multiple car insurance companies that allow this - just click below for a quote.

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