Can you Cancel Your Insurance After an Accident?

Apr 12 01:26 pm

Can you cancel your Car Insurance policy after a claim?

There are a lot of reasons you may wish to cancel your car insurance after an accident. You may not like the way the company handled your claim. You may not like the fact the company raised your rate. You may not like the way your agent helped you during the claim.

But what happens if you try to switch companies and the claim is still open? Will the company stop paying the claim once you switch?

Car insurance policies are written on an occurrence basis. If the accident occurred while your policy was in effect, the insurance company will respond to the claim whether you keep that policy or switch to a new company. If you were covered the day of the accident, you will be covered even if the policy is cancelled later on. This is true even if you received a cancellation of insurance letter from the company.

What happens if your car insurance is cancelled?

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