How to Install Progressive Snapshot

Apr 20 03:07 pm
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Snapshot is the new Usage Based Insurance product from Progressive. Based on how you drive your car, Progressive will offer a discount of up to 30% on your Auto Policy. You don't have to be a Progressive client, Progressive will let you "Test Drive" Snapshot, so you'll know how much discount you'll get before you even buy the policy.

How Snapshot works:

  1. Contact Cronin Insurance and we'll enroll you in Snapshot.
  2. Progressive will send you the Snapshot device in the mail
  3. Plug Snapshot into the ODB board that's located under the steering wheel in your car.
  4. Keep track of your progress online and via emails.
  5. After 30 days, send your device back to Progressive and find out your discount.

What does Snapshot monitor?

  • The time of day that you drive
  • The number of miles that you drive
  • The number of "Hard Brakes" you make

What does Snapshot NOT monitor?

  • Where you are - There is no GPS in Snapshot
  • Speed limit - Progressive will have no idea what the speed limit is where you are driving
  • Who is driving the car - Progressive won't know who is driving

So you can see, Big Brother isn't watching you - it's just a way for drivers

  • who drive low mileage,
  • don't drive late at night,
  • and aren't hard braking on I95 to save up to 30% off Progressive Car Insurance rates.

Usage based insurance is the future of Car insurance and with Progressive's Snapshot, the future is here.

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Mark Logue Aug 18 2017

What a great idea. I can get a discount for being a safe driver!