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Apr 20 04:01 pm

How to Insure your RV

Although the weather is great in Florida year round, spring is the time when many thoughts turn to the open road.In other words, its time to plan the summer road trip.

Now if you are making your trip in an RV, you don't want to insure your RV the same way you insure your car. For instance, if you have an accident on your road trip, and have to leave your RV at the repair shop, where will you sleep that night?

Progressive's RV policy will cover the cost of staying at a hotel while your RV is being fixed. With Total Loss Replacement and Personal Effects Coverage, Progressive will replace your totaled RV with a new one and cover your personal belongings too. Taking care of your home away from home, now that's Progressive.

When you need the right kind of coverage for your RV, let us know and one of our licensed agents will give you a quote.

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