Progressive Announces Enhancements to their Car Policies

Nov 30 09:00 am
Original progressive 16 9 logo

Progressive Insurance has announced enhancements to their Auto policies beginning December 7, 2018. These exciting changes include:

1. Automatic Card Payments - now you can take advantage of EFT discounts with recurring credit or debit card payments- and earn reward points on your card.

2. Smart Vehicle Technology Discount - this discount applies when your vehicle is equipped with Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) as part of the original factory build.

3. Teen Driver Discount - this will allow greater discounts for Teen Drivers who have a clean driving record. Customers with Progressive for more than a year and add a teen driver will also see a larger discount than before.

4. Progressive now covers Uber and Lyft drivers. Progressive's new Rideshare Insurance is an optional coverage that covers an individual driver who is logged into one or more Transportation Network Company (TNC) apps. Progressive's optional Rideshare Insurance will fill most of the gaps between coverages provided by the Personal Auto policy and the TNC's policy.

Progressive is introducing these changes in order to offer even more competitive rates as well as responding to what drivers have told them they wanted. What a great company.

If you would like more information about these changes, or would like a quote for Progressive Car Insurance, please contact Cronin Insurance and we will be happy to help.


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