Why You Should Shop Your Insurance With A Trusted Choice Independent Agent.

Apr 20 04:08 pm

Cronin Insurance Agency is a Trusted Choice Independent Agency

Here's a great video that explains why you should use an independent Agency for all your insurance.

Whether you are shopping your Car Insurance, Home Insurance or Business Insurance, always contact an Independent Agency before making your final decision. Only an independent agent can offer you a choice of companies and the breadth of knowledge that comes from representing numerous companies in each line of insurance.

Captive agents- like State Farm, Allstate and Geico agents- only represents one company and can only offer that one product. That makes it hard to customize your coverage or find a policy for less than perfect driving records, international licenses, classic cars or less than stellar credit scores.

An Independent Agent- like Cronin Insurance Agency- can offer numerous companies for Auto, Home, Business or Life Insurance. If one company doesn't offer a good price for your particular needs, we can find another that does.

Many clients begin and end their insurance shopping by calling Cronin Insurance Agency with the knowledge that they will be able to pick from the best offer from a number of companies. They also appreciate the fact that they can switch insurance companies without switching from the agent they trust.

A Trusted Choice independent agent occupies the top tier of independent agents, where licensed agents are informed with all the latest insurance news and trends.

Cronin Insurance Agency is proud to be a Trusted Choice Independent Agency with the ability to offer low rates, choice of companies and personal advice to all our clients.

So when you are looking for insurance- whether Auto, Home, Business or Life- make Cronin Insurance Agency your Trusted Choice of Independent Agents.

Cronin Insurance Agency- the Wise Choice.


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