Will My Insurance Cover Windshield Replacement?

Jan 05 05:00 pm

Does Insurance Cover Windshield Replacement Free of Charge?

The short answer is:


Florida Statute 627.7288 says that a deductible does not apply to front windshield damage if Comprehensive Coverage is obtained. Most companies will repair your windshield if the crack is less than 6 inches long - free of charge. In the event there are numerous cracks, or the crack is longer than 6 inches, or it's located at the edge of the glass, it may need to be replaced. The key thing to note here is that your insurance company has the right to repair your windshield if they determine that a replacement is not necessary.

Keep in mind that the other glass in your car is always subject to your Comprehensive deductible.

Some car insurance companies can endorse your policy to cover all the glass in your car for no deductible or a lower deductible. Ask your agent if this is available from your company. It's Important to remember that this only applies to Comprehensive claims. If the windshield damage is a result of an accident, you will be subject to your collision deductible. This is why it's important that you have an agent go over your policy with you. Our licensed agents will be happy to assist you.

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