College Student Renters Insurance

Aug 02 11:50 am
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College Student Renters Insurance

It's back to school time again! As they make their mad dash in preparation for the new semester, college students should not overlook protection from where they will live. Students who go away to college will probably be living in a dorm room, sharing a suite, or renting an apartment. They will have other students and their friends in and out of their apartments - many of them people who they hardly know. Do these students and their parents need to buy Renters Insurance? The answer is Yes, and here's why....

Renters Insurance Protects a College Student's Personal Property

Many college students will bring smartphones, laptops, stereos, tv's and other expensive electronic items. They will also have clothing, jewelry and even their own furniture. Let's not forget how expensive their books are. These items can be stolen, damaged by water, and catch fire. Some students can bring $20,000 or more of personal property - and even acquire more while they are there. Renters insurance only costs ~$15 a month and it will protect those items from loss by theft, water, or fire.

Renters Insurance Protects Against Liability

This point may be more important to parents than students but it's definitely worth pointing out. College is a great time to socialize, network, and get to know new people. Unfortunately, when you have a lot of people visiting - especially if there's a party - there will be an increased chance of someone getting hurt on your premises. The liability protection offered by Renters Insurance gives the student and their parents the peace of mind that if someone gets injured, the policy will be able to pay for their injuries. It will also provide a lawyer to defend them if a lawsuit is filed against them.

It's Not Expensive for a College Student

To cover $20,000 worth of clothing, electronics, jewelry ($1000 limit on theft), and other personal items like framed art, posters and books would cost less than $200 a year! And this would include $300.000 of liability or lawsuit protection against injuries to guests.

Should a college student buy Renters Insurance? Yes they should and if they want to get a great price from a great agency, click below:

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