Cronin is Now Writing Progressive Home Insurance

Jan 25 04:17 pm

Up until now, the only way to bundle your home and car insurance in South Florida was through a single insurance agency like Cronin Insurance. The problem was, Home insurance companies in Florida did not write Auto insurance and vice-versa. While some major auto carriers do offer Renters insurance, Hurricane exposure kept most of them away from offering home coverage.

Cronin Insurance Agency is proud to announce that we can now offer Progressive Home Insurance when you bundle it with Progressive Car Insurance. And to complete the package, we can offer Progressive Personal Liability Umbrella Insurance too.

This allows Cronin Insurance Agency to offer an AM Best A+ rated Progressive policy and the peace of mind that comes having the strongest financial claims paying ability in the Home insurance market. When you bundle your Auto and Home with Progressive, you get a discount on both. And in a catastrophe like a Hurricane, you will only pay one deductible if both your home and car are damaged.

Contact Cronin Insurance today and request a quote for the Progressive Car and Home insurance bundle.

Cronin Insurance, the Wise Choice.


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