How to Insure Jewelry

Apr 20 03:40 pm

What to Know about Insuring Jewelry

Valentine's Day is the time we celebrate love. Its also the time we buy gifts for the ones we love. If these gifts happen to be Jewelry, we need to make sure they are covered by Insurance. Most folks don't realize that Theft of Jewelry is limited to $1000 on their Homeowners Policy. If you need to insure a $10,000 Engagement Ring or cover that $8,000 Rolex watch, the Jewelry limits on your Home Policy are just too low. What if you lose your $5,000 Diamond Tennis Bracelet - is there coverage? Probably not.

Doesn't a Home Insurance Policy already Insure Jewelry?

Mysterious Disappearance is not one of the perils covered by the Standard Homeowners Policy. That's where a Jewelry Policy comes in. Sometimes called a Jewelry Floater, this policy allows you to schedule specific pieces of jewelry and covers you whether they are lost or stolen. Insuring Jewelry is easy. When you buy your jewelry, make sure you get an appraisal. Send the appraisal to Cronin Insurance and Our Licensed Agents will shop the market for the best quote. You can be covered and stop worrying within a day or two. So before you give the love of your life that beautiful ring this Valentine's Day - make sure you're covered - and show you not only love them, but you're smart too. ;)

To obtain a Jewelry Appraisal, we recommend: Jewelry Evaluations

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