Hurricane Disaster Plan

Apr 20 03:17 pm

How to Make a Hurricane Disaster Plan

Hello again, Last time we made a resolution to create a Hurricane disaster plan this year. This week we'll make our plan and communicate the plan to our loved ones. Go to our home page and download our Free infographic.- How to make a Hurricane Disaster Plan.

Here you'll find checklists and tips on what to do Before, During and After the Hurricane. Use this info -graphic to help make your plan or use this as your plan supplemented with some other cool things we'll show you. Ideally, you'll want to get everyone situated at home in a hurricane proof house or building. Locate the safest part of the home, and assemble everyone in that room. Have your Hurricane Kit available to ride out the storm. Our next video will show you how to build your Kit. If you want to evacuate, plan where you will go outside the storm area and call ahead to let them know you are coming. If you can't travel out of the area and are ordered to evacuate, get to a shelter to ride out the storm.

All family members should know where local evacuation shelters are located - here in Boca Raton, those locations are at Boca Raton Community High School and at West Boca High School. Bring your Hurricane Kit as well as sleeping bags and extra blankets. Remember, pets are not allowed in the shelters, so you will need to make arrangements for them too. At the very least, put them in a safe room with water and food to help them ride out the storm until you return.

If cell towers go down, it may be harder to call locally than to call out of the area. Make sure all family members have a central contact that is outside the area to call and tell them where they will be during the storm. Make your plan, write it down and review it with your family.

Use the Infographic from for your general plan. Go to and download the Family Communication Plan. There's also an excellent Hurricane Guide available at Download their map to the Evacuation Shelters and keep it with your plan. Put copies in your disaster kit, and you'll be ready for the storm. And stay tuned next week, for our next video:

How to Make a Hurricane Disaster Kit

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