Stolen Items from Luggage

Feb 23 04:01 pm

Are items stolen from your car covered?

The answer is Yes and No.

Items that are not permanently part of your car, are excluded on your Car Insurance Policy. Therefore, the stolen luggage would not be covered.

But….if you have a Home Insurance policy, you might be covered.

Your luggage and the items inside your luggage are considered Personal Property on your Home policy. And most companies will cover Personal Property on a Worldwide basis subject to your deductible. For example, if the luggage is worth $500 and the items inside them are worth another $5000, you should be able to collect $5500 minus your deductible from your Home Insurance Company.

There are companies that do not cover property worldwide, the biggest example being Citizens Property Insurance. You also have to make sure your Home Policy form covers theft as some Dwelling policies do not.

If you are not sure, contact Cronin Insurance and we'll find you a policy with worldwide coverage for your Personal Property.

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