What is Dwelling Coverage?

Apr 27 03:13 pm

What is Dwelling Coverage on a Home Insurance Policy?

Dwelling, also known as Building, Coverage, covers the roof, walls, and floors of your home. It also covers your porches and patios as well as fixtures such as built-in appliances, plumbing, heating, permanently installed air conditioning systems, and electrical wiring.

For condos, a Master Association Policy will cover the outside, but not the interior of your unit. A Condo Unit-Owners policy will cover cabinets, wall-to-wall flooring, custom build-outs, permanent fixtures and in many cases, the air conditioning unit.

How much Dwelling Coverage Should you Buy?

We recommend 100% of the replacement cost estimated to rebuild your home. At Cronin Insurance, we use Replacement Cost Calculators, unique to each company, to set your Dwelling coverage.

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