Wind Mitigation Inspection

Apr 18 04:40 pm

What is a Wind Mitigation Inspection Report?

A Wind Mitigation is an inspection that tells the insurance company how “Hurricane-proof" your home is. A Qualified inspector must inspect your home, including the crawl space between the top of your walls and your roof trusses.

What does the Inspector check when conducting a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

  • Is the roof covering FBC, or Florida Building Code equivalent. Florida building codes were updated in 2002 to make shingles and tiles less likely to blow off the roof.
  • How long are the nails that attach the plywood to the roof trusses and how far are they spaced from each other. For instance are they 8 penny nails spaced 6 inches apart?
  • How are the roof trusses attached to the walls? Are they attached by toe nails, or did the builder use Hurricane clips or Wraps?
  • Lastly, are all windows, doors and openings covered by Shutters or Hurricane impact glass?

We've seen clients save hundreds of dollars and sometimes, thousands of dollars every year of their home insurance policies as a result of a one time $75 Wind Mitigation Inspection report. Make sure you have a current Wind Mitigation Inspection Report for your home. It is definitely worth the time and effort to save hundreds of dollars on your home insurance.

To obtain your Wind Mitigation Inspection Report, we highly recommend: WSD Inspections

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