Are You Ready for Hurricane Irma?

Sep 06 11:31 am
Original hurricane irma path

Not sure what to do as Catergory 5 Hurricane Irma heads our way? Here's some tips and links to helpful sites including Insurance Companies' Claims Departments.

FEMA has some great information on what to do before, during and after the storm. You can reach them here:

The Red Cross has a series of apps that can help with hurricane tracking, first aid and more. Check them out here:

If you need to evacuate, this site will help with routes and traffic:

FPL has a site set up so you can check power outages in your area:

Florida Division of Emergency Management also has a very helpful site:

Here's a link to our web page with Insurance Company Claim Departments' contact email and phone numbers.

At Cronin Insurance Agency, we will be open as long as its safe for our employees. Friday and Monday we may have shortened hours or even close depending on where Irma is located at that time.

For those of us who have been through a number of these great storms we can all agree; RESPECT THE STORM! Prepare ahead of time and hunker down until after the storm is past you. Remember that during the Eye of the Storm you are only half way through the danger- no matter what it looks like outside.

Be safe, stay dry, and reach out to us if you need help.


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