Home Insurance Companies Just Lowered Their Rates in Florida

Apr 24 10:16 am
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Home Insurance Companies Just Lowered Their Rates in Florida!

Just when we thought it would never happen, the day has finally come:
Florida insurance companies have lowered their rates after decades of increases.

Why are Home insurance rates going down now?

There's a number of factors including:

  • The lack of major hurricanes making landfall in Florida
  • Stricter building codes since 2002
  • Floridians installing shutters and impact proof glass on their homes

As a result, reinsurance carriers have lowered the rates that they charge insurance companies and these savings are trickling down to consumers.

This is a great time to shop your home insurance. Many of our clients are seeing discounts of 10% or more!

How does Cronin Insurance save you money on Home Insurance?

Because we're an independent agency that can shop dozens of companies.
By shopping our market, you have a much better chance at finding the company that will save you money! Cronin Insurance is a Florida independent insurance agency who's appointed with many insurance companies for you to choose from. When our carriers compete, you have the ability to win. It's your choice, shop one company at other sites or a dozen at CroninInsurance.com.

Click the link below to get a quote so we can save you 10% or more on your Home Insurance!

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Cronin Insurance Agency is Licensed with Many Home Insurance Companies

In the Florida Home Insurance market it's crucial to have alternatives when you are Non Renewed or face a large Increase in the Price of Homeowners Insurance.

We carry great companies like:

Universal Property & Casualty Universal
United Property & Casualty Upc Insurance
Federated National Insurance Company Federated National
Monarch National Insurance Company Monarch National
American Platinum Property & Casualty American Platinum
Heritage Property & Casualty Heritage
Homeowners Choice Property & Casualty Homeowners Choice
Bankers Insurance Group Bankers Insurance Group
Avatar Property & Casualty Avatar
Universal Insurance Holdings of North America Screen Shot 2016 04 24 At 11.44.02 Am
GeoVera Specialty Insurance Geovera Specialty
Chartis Insurance Chartis Insurance
Lloyd's of London Lloyd's Of London
Citizens Property Insurance Citizens Property Insurance Logo 388

We'll shop our Home Insurance markets to find you the best coverage at the best price at the time you need it. We'll make sure you're not over-insured. Our agents run Replacement Cost Estimates which figure how much it would cost to rebuild your home based on the most current valuations from Marshall Swift and Beck. You won't overpay because the Company tries to generate more premium by making you insure your home for more than you need to. We've got your back.


Rochelle Beck May 18 2016

need homeowners insurance: fire, theft, liability, etc. No wind or flood. Looking for good customer service and honest explanation of benefits.

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