Super Bowl 2018 - Tips for a Safe Party

Feb 03 12:35 pm

Drunk driving fatalities increase by as much as 15% on Super Bowl Sunday versus any other given Sunday. Allowing one of your guests to drink and drive, can expose you to a potential lawsuit if an accident were to occure. Here are a few ways to prevent your guests from drinking and driving.

1) Be sure to serve lots of food, especially protein rich dishes to counter the alcohol Also, offer non-alcoholic beverages to your guests.

2) After the 3rd quarter, close the bar and bring out coffee, tea, and deserts.

3) Keep a close eye on your guests and when you notice someone has had too much, limit their alcohol. Pour a non-alcoholic drink to slow them down.

4) Have a plan in place to deal with guests who may be too impaired to drive. Purchase a breathalyzer to have on hand. Also be prepared with alternative transportation such as having a designated driver or offering an Uber or a Lyft. One great service that will be available on Sunday is AAA's 'Tow to Go' program, which offers free towing service and rides to anyone who is unable to drive home themselves.

Finally. if you are planning on having a large Super Bowl party, you might want to consider increasing your Personal Liability limits. If you're unsure as whether you are adequately covered, contact your insurance agent. For more insurance information and news find us online at Facebook or at

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