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Apr 20 02:24 pm

Out of the devastation that was Hurricane Andrew, an idea was born.
As thousands of homeowners received cancellations, we realized that having one company handle all of your insurance was an archaic idea.
People were being told to look elsewhere for Home Insurance
by agents they trusted and depended on for many years.
we knew that the agency of the future needed to offer their clients
the choice of multiple companies in every line of business.
If one insurance company cancelled a home policy,
we could switch our clients to another that wanted their business.
And if this worked for home insurance,
wouldn't it be possible to do the same with all lines of insurance?

In January of 1993, Cronin Insurance Agency opened its doors.
We built our company on the idea of giving our customers a “Trusted Choice"
of great companies in every line of Insurance.
Today we insure thousands of clients with dozens of companies for Car, Home, Business and Life Insurance.
State of the art technology enables us to shop the market when our clients are cancelled or if a company raises the rates too high at renewal.
With this flexibility, our clients can keep their trusted agents
no matter what a particular insurance company throws at them.
Our customers stay with us for the long haul
and have the peace of mind in knowing that they will always have a competitive rate
with an Agency that knows them.

Why do business with Cronin Insurance Agency? We offer low rates, choice of companies and expert advice from local agents that know you.

Cronin Insurance – On line, by phone, or in person, Insurance the way YOU want it!


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