Car Insurance in Florida

Car Insurance covers you while driving your car. If you are a licensed driver who owns a car, truck or van, you need car insurance. If you get sued, car insurance can pay the plaintiff. If you get hurt, car insurance can pay the doctors and the hospital. If you suffer damage to your car, car insurance can repair it. If your car suffers a total loss, car insurance can provide you money to replace it.

What does Car Insurance cover?

The Basic Car Insurance policy covers you for the following:

What is the minimum requirement in Florida?

The State of Florida requires $10,000 of Personal Injury Protection and $10,000 of Property Damage Liability to legally register and operate a motor vehicle. Cronin Insurance Agency recommends you buy Bodily Injury Liability too.

When should you buy Car Insurance?

As soon as you buy or obtain a car, truck or van. There is no automatic coverage or grace period if you have no prior insurance. Keep in mind, insurance covers the vehicle, not the license plate or tag.

Where can you buy Car Insurance?

You can buy car insurance online, by phone, or in person. You can buy car insurance directly from a company, from a captive agent who represents one company, or from an independent agency like Cronin Insurance. Only an independent agent can offer you a choice of car insurance companies each time you renew.

Why should you use Cronin Insurance Agency?

Cronin Insurance Agency is an independent agency that offers you low rates and a choice of companies from local Florida Agents. If one company raises your premium, we'll shop to find you another. If one company cancels you, we'll find you another that wants your business. Cronin Insurance has been serving Floridians since 1993.

Many Floridians turn to Cronin Insurance Agency for a Car Insurance Policy when:

The best way to know whether you've got a good deal on your auto insurance is to shop multiple companies and compare rates. Cronin Insurance makes it easy for you – we'll do the work and get back to you with a report from competing car insurance companies.

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