Florida Classic Car Insurance

Need insurance for your baby? Not your kid, but your 1963 Corvette Stingray? Or your 70 Olds 442 or 64 Mustang? How about your 1960's Wooden Lake Boat? Classic autos and boats are not only beautiful works of art, but reflect our country's history and heritage. At CroninInsurance.com, we represent insurance companies that love these collector cars and boats as much as you do - and give great Classic car and boat rates that don't limit how you can use them.

What kinds of vehicles are considered for Collector's coverage?

To qualify for a collector's insurance policy, the vehicles can not be used for daily transportation (every driver must have a regular-use vehicle for every day transportation), must be stored in an enclosed and secure structure, and there can be no more than one or two minor violations in the household.

Click the Get a Quote button above and let our licensed Florida agents shop our markets to find you the best classic vehicle policy for you. Afterward, you can fire up your 56 T-bird and cruise to Orlando knowing that CroninInsurance.com has got your baby covered.