Florida Condo Insurance from Cronin Insurance Agency

Cronin Insurance Agency insures hundreds of Condos in Florida. We work with Condo Unit-owners to find the best insurance for their condominium. Our Condo policies insure both personal property and building items. Condo policies also include coverage for slip and fall liability. HO6 policies insure condos used as your primary residence or for seasonal use. And, if you rent your condo to tenants, we have the solution for you, too.

Its less expensive than you might think

Condo insurance costs less than home insurance for a house. When you own a house, you have to insure it to the value it takes to rebuild the entire structure. Here, the condominium association will insure the cost of rebuilding the structure. Your monthly maintenance pays for the master policy. That leaves the unit-owner to insure only those parts of the building inside their unit. For example, cabinets, flooring, permanent fixtures and air conditioning units. Like a house, you will still have to cover your personal property, loss of use, and personal liability. So, Condo unit-owners pay a lot less than a similar size house would cost for insurance. Not bad.

We shop many Insurance companies for you

Even though condo policies cost less than house policies, its still a best to shop around. At Cronin Insurance, we shop dozens of companies to find the best condo policy for you. No two Condo owners are the same . Some prefer the condo the way it is, while others like to customize to their tastes. This makes the coverage for building items vary from one condo to another. Some condo owners live modestly, while others like to collect and accumulate personal property. Whether you are a spartan or a collector, we will find the company that gives you the best value.

Why Condominium UnitOwners in Florida turn to Cronin Insurance Agency:

Our Condo Insurance products protect your cabinets, fixtures, flooring and all your personal property from hurricanes, fire, theft and vandalism while also defending any lawsuits arising from slips and falls in your unit.

Call 479-1898 or click above and Cronin Insurance will shop the market to find the best Condo Insurance quote for you.