Florida Home Insurance from Cronin Insurance Agency

Cronin Insurance agency is the premier Home insurance agency in Florida. We are an independent agency with 25 years of experience serving Floridians. Our Home Insurance policies protect you from hurricanes, fires, theft and other natural disasters. Home insurance also provides protection from slips and falls on your property. We don't offer one-size-fits-all home policies from one company. We'll help you choose a company that has the right combination of coverage you desire at the price you want to pay.

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Our independent agents shop dozens of Florida Home Insurance companies.

We shop a dozen Home Insurance Companies to find you the best home insurance price. We cover single family homes, condos, houses rented to others, and apartments. We work with many companies to find you the best fit for your situation. Our carriers offer low limits for young people starting out. But we can also cover the largest homes in the finest neighborhoods. We work with each of our clients to deliver true home insurance solutions.

And we can shop each time you renew

We track our client's renewals for spikes in prices. If a company raises your price, we can find you another. If a company cancels you, we never leave you in the lurch. We'll find you a company that wants your business. Our goal is to be your home insurance agency for life. We give you 24/7 online access to your policy information. And you can download your coverage to phone, desktop or tablet.

Why do so many Floridians trust Cronin Insurance for their Home Insurance?

When you shop with Cronin Insurance Agency, it costs you nothing, but could save you a lot of money.

The insurance company who wins your business pays the cost of our service. You pay nothing. Let us do the work so you can concentrate on what's most important to you - health, happiness, and your family! Don't waste another minute of your valuable time searching for Florida home insurance. Let us do it for you.

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