Insurance for Landlords in Florida (DP)

We work with Landlords in Florida to insure the houses and town-homes they are renting to tenants. Also known as Dwelling Policies or DP's, this insurance covers owners who need to have enough coverage to rebuild their house, but want the flexibility to adjust the personal property coverage depending on whether they rent the home furnished or unfurnished.

What do Landlord policies cover:

Like Homeowners policies, landlord dwelling policies cover both the building and personal property. Unlike the HO policies, landlords usually insure less personal property. This is because they either rent the houses unfurnished or with a minimum of furniture. Most policies will give you coverage for loss of rents too. They also cover you against lawsuits arising from slip and fall injuries on your property. This is very valuable because you don't know who your tenants are inviting to your property. L

Are Landlord policies expensive?

Because the landlord insures less personal property, the DP policy usually costs substantially less than a regular Homeowners policy (HO3). Also, most DP policies do not cover theft of personal property reducing the price even further. So, if you are considering moving and renting out your house to tenants, don't hesitate to contact us for a DP policy. It will save you money and get you covered correctly. So there's no problem filing and collecting a claim because you have the wrong coverage.

Owners of Florida Rental Dwellings turn to Cronin Insurance Agency when:

Our Rental Dwelling Insurance for Landlords protect both building and personal property items from hurricanes, fire, theft and vandalism while also defending any lawsuits arising from slips and falls in your investment property.

Please note that if you are renting a condominium to tenants, a condo policy (HO6) may be a better choice for you.

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