Florida Key Person Life Insurance

You own a successful business. But as we all know, your business is only as good as your employees. What would happen to your business if your key manager, or top salesman were to pass away? How long would it take before you found a replacement even half as good? How much would your business lose while you searched for this replacement? What would happen to your business in the meantime?

Odds are that your business would suffer real financial losses while you searched for someone to replace a key person in your organization. Key Person Life Insurance can cover the financial loss your business suffers while you identify and hire a key employee.

With Key Person Life Insurance, the company buys life insurance- they can use Term or Cash Value Life- in an amount sufficient to cover the financial loss suffered by the loss of a key employee. For instance, if a company estimates it would lose $500,000 in sales due to the death of their Top Salesman, they would insure that salesman with $500,000 in Death Benefit and name the company as the Beneficiary of the policy.

Don't let the loss of a Key person in your organization cause your company to suffer substantial financial loss.

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