Florida Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance is an excellent choice when your need is only temporary. It's got really low premiums that stay the same for the entire term of the policy - 1, 10, 20 or even 30 years. You can buy a $1,000,000 Term Life insurance policy in Florida for as little as $30 a month.

Why should you buy Florida Term Life Insurance?

Term life insurance is temporary insurance. It offers the lowest price for a certain amount of time and then it ends. As each term renews, it goes up in price. For example, annual renewable term goes up each year as you get older. 10 year term goes up after 10 years. Term insurance works great for temporary needs. Many people use Term life to cover the mortgage on their home. Others use Term life to insure there's money for their children's college. These are the types of things that will go away after a number of years. The kids will graduate college and the mortgage will be paid in full.

Cronin Insurance offers dozens of Life Insurance Carriers.

At Cronin Insurance Agency, we have access to dozens of the best Life Insurance Companies in America. We shop each policy and give our clients a choice. You never know which company decides to be aggressive and offer lower rates. Just as you never know which company decides to go conservative and offer higher prices. The only way to know is to shop at the time you need insurance. At Cronin Insurance, we offer many companies to choose from, so you can decide.

Florida men and woman trust Cronin Insurance for Term Life Insurance when:

Choose Term Life Insurance when you have a temporary need or you need to buy the most insurance for the lowest premium. We'll find you a strong Life Insurance Company at a rate you can live with.

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