Jewelry Insurance in Florida

Most folks don't realize that Theft of Jewelry is limited to $1,000 on their Homeowners Policy.

If you need to insure a $10,000 Engagement ring or a $11,000 Rolex, those limits are just not enough. And what if you lose your $5,000 Tennis bracelet? Mysterious disappearance is not covered by the standard Home Policy.

You need a Jewelry Policy. Sometimes called a Jewelry Floater, this policy allows you to schedule specific pieces of expensive Jewelry and covers you when you Jewelry is lost or stolen. Jewelry Insurance is and affordable way to the peace of mind knowing you have the coverage to replace that Gold chain, Ruby Bracelet, or Diamond ring you love. All you need is a recent Appraisal and we can shop the market for a Jewelry insurance policy you can afford.

Contact us today and you can stop worrying and be covered within a few days.